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Product Number Product Name SKU Price  
105685St. Raphael Medal, 14 KTS30-0601aKTCDN$637.28
105771St. Rita of Cascia Medal, Gold FilledS30-0870GF/24GCDN$161.36
105773St. Rita of Cascia Medal, Sterling SilverS30-0870SS/24SCDN$118.48
105801St. Roch Medal, Gold FilledS30-4270GF/24GCDN$210.31
105803St. Roch Medal, Sterling SilverS30-4270SS/24SCDN$148.78
105876St. Sebastian Medal, Gold FilledS30-4239GF/24GCDN$183.74
105877St. Sebastian Medal, 14 KTS30-4239KTCDN$2,476.61
105935St. Stephen Medal, 14 KTS30-0914KTCDN$2,339.57
105936St. Stephen Medal, Sterling SilverS30-0914SS/24SCDN$129.20
105977St. Theresa Medal, Gold FilledS30-0301TGF/18GFCDN$95.64
105978St. Theresa Medal, 14 KTS30-0301TKTCDN$407.01
105979St. Theresa Medal, Sterling SilverS30-0301TSS/18SSCDN$83.99
105982St. Therese Medal, Gold FilledS30-4147GF/24GCDN$253.19
105983St. Therese Medal, 14 KTS30-4147KTCDN$3,854.47
105984St. Therese Medal, Sterling SilverS30-4147SS/24SCDN$174.88
106111St. Vincent de Paul Medal, Gold FilledS30-1155GF/18GFCDN$141.79
106113St. Vincent de Paul Medal, Sterling SilverS30-1155SS/18SSCDN$112.42
106165Star of David Pendant, Gold FilledS30-1210GF/18GFCDN$135.73
106166Star of David Pendant, 14 KTS30-1210KTCDN$967.76
106167Star of David Pendant, Sterling SilverS30-1210SS/18SSCDN$113.35
106172Sts. Cosmas & Damien Medal, Sterling SilverS30-9132SS/18SSCDN$85.85
106173Sts. Cosmas & Damien/Doctors Medal, Sterling SilverS30-8132SS8/18SSCDN$109.62
106180Cross Pendant Tau Cross Gold Filled 3/4 inchS30-3948GF/18GFCDN$103.56
106181Cross Pendant Tau 14KT 3/4 inchS30-3948KTCDN$544.98
106182Cross Tau Pendant Sterling 3/4 inchS30-3948SS/18SSCDN$89.11
106183Cross Pendant Tau Cross Gold Filled1 inchS30-3949GF/18GFCDN$121.28
106185Cross Pendant Tau Cross Sterling 1 inchS30-3949SS/18SSCDN$99.84
106189Crucifix Pendant Tree of Life Gold Filled 1-5/8 inchS30-0633GF/24GCDN$179.08
106190Crucifix Pendant Tree of Life 14KT 1-5/8 inchS30-0633KTCDN$2,209.05
106191Crucifix Pendant Tree of Life Sterling 1-5/8 inchS30-0633SS/24SCDN$132.93
106192Crucifix Pendant The Trinity Gold Filled 1-3/8 inchS30-0065GF/18GFCDN$144.58
106193Crucifix Pendant The Trinity 14KT 1-3/8 inchS30-0065KTCDN$1,372.36
106194Crucifix Pendant The Trinity Sterling 1-3/8 inchS30-0065SS/18SSCDN$114.29
106202WWJD Pendant, Gold FilledS30-5916GF/18GFCDN$103.56
106203WWJD Pendant, 14KTS30-5916KTCDN$544.98
106204WWJD Pendant, Sterling SilverS30-5916SS/18SSCDN$89.11
106215Visor Clip St. ChristopherS30-1019VSCDN$28.00
106227Visor Clip St. Michael The ArchangelS30-1023VSCDN$28.00
106233Visor Clip CursilloS30-1026VSCDN$28.00
106237Visor Clip Guardian AngelS30-1029VSCDN$28.00
106239Visor Clip St. ChriSt.opher / St. MichaelS30-1034EVSCDN$28.00
106243Visor Clip Christian LifeS30-1036VSCDN$28.00
106249Visor Clip 4-WayS30-1040VSCDN$28.00
106257Visor Clip JesusS30-1048VSCDN$28.00
106259Visor Clip St. ChristopherS30-1049EVSCDN$28.00
106265Visor Clip St. ChristopherS30-1051EVSCDN$28.00
106271Visor Clip MiraculousS30-1052VSCDN$28.00
106275Visor Clip Celtic CrossS30-1056VSCDN$28.00
106277Visor Clip St. BenedictS30-1057VSCDN$28.00
106281Visor Clip St. JosephS30-1059VSCDN$28.00
106285Visor Clip Holy FamilyS30-1062VSCDN$28.00
106289Visor Clip St. Michael / WingsS30-1063VSCDN$28.00
106295Visor Clip CrucifixS30-1066VSCDN$28.00
106301Visor Clip 5-Way / Holy SpiritS30-1068VSCDN$28.00
106303Visor Clip San DamianoS30-1070VSCDN$28.00
106313Visor Clip Divine MercyS30-1074VSCDN$28.00
106315Visor Clip God Bless This MotorcycleS30-1075VSCDN$28.00
106319Visor Clip God Bless This TruckS30-1077VSCDN$28.00
106321Visor Clip God Bless This BoatS30-1078VSCDN$28.00
106325Visor Clip MiraculousS30-1081VSCDN$28.00
106327Visor Clip God Bless This SailboatS30-1082VSCDN$28.00
106331Visor Clip God Bless This Bus DriverS30-1084VSCDN$28.00
106333Visor Clip God Bless This CyclistS30-1085VSCDN$28.00
106349Visor Clip St. Michael / PoliceS30-1092VSCDN$28.00
106351Visor Clip WeddingS30-1093VSCDN$28.00
106352Visor Clip WeddingS30-1093VGCDN$28.00
106359Visor Clip St. Christopher RoundS30-1097VSCDN$28.00
106361Visor Clip CrossS30-1426VSCDN$28.00
106379Visor Clip St. FlorianS30-6734VSCDN$28.00
106381Visor Clip St. Francis Of AssisiS30-6736VSCDN$28.00
106387Visor Clip Holy SpiritS30-6744VSCDN$28.00
106393Visor Clip St. JudeS30-6760VSCDN$28.00
106405Visor Clip St. PatrickS30-6784VSCDN$28.00
106407Visor Clip St. PeregrineS30-6788VSCDN$28.00
106411Visor Clip ScapularS30-6798VSCDN$28.00
106415Visor Clip St. TheresaS30-6806VSCDN$28.00
106425Visor Clip St. Brigid Of IrelandS30-6823VSCDN$28.00
106427Visor Clip St. Pio Of PietrelcinaS30-6825VSCDN$28.00
106438Devotional Candle 3-Day Glass Red "Carmelite"S30-301CDN$39.95
106439Devotional Candle 3-Day Glass Blue "Carmelite"S30-302CDN$39.95