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Product Number Product Name SKU Price  
108699Oxidized Medal St. Martin de Porres 25/PKG (QTY Discount .90 ea)S30-MAL49022CDN$31.25
108719Oxidized Medal Divino Nino 25/PKG (QTY Discount .90 ea)S30-MAL49048CDN$31.25
108722Oxidized Medal The Assumption 25/PKG (QTY Discount .90 ea)S30-MAL49052CDN$31.25
108727Oxidized Medal Our Lady Of Medjugorje 25/PKG (QTY Discount .90 ea)S30-MAL49057CDN$31.25
108728Oxidized Medal St. Charbel 25/PKG (QTY Discount .90 ea)S30-MAL49058CDN$31.25
108794Confirmation Cross Holy Spirit Dove 4.5 inchS30-DEV40847CDN$20.00
108844Mary Our Lady of Grace Statue 5 inchS30-MAL61501CDN$20.00
108850Jesus Divine Mercy Statue 5 inchS30-MAL61507CDN$20.00
108858Mary Our Lady of Lourdes Statue 5 inchS30-MAL61516CDN$20.00
108861St. Michael Archangel Statue 5 inchS30-MAL61520CDN$24.00
108865Mary Immaculate Heart Statue 5 inchS30-MAL61530CDN$20.00
108876Mary Our Lady Help of Christians Statue 5 inchS30-MAL61584CDN$24.00
108877St. Gabriel Archangel Statue 5 inchS30-MAL61596CDN$24.00
108884Infant of Prague Statue 8 inchS30-MAL61606CDN$57.00
108885Jesus Divine Mercy Statue 8 inchS30-MAL61607CDN$49.00
108886Holy Family Statue 8 inchS30-MAL61608CDN$64.00
108887St. Anthony of Padua Statue 8 inchS30-MAL61609CDN$49.00
108891Mary Our Lady of Guadalupe Statue 8 inchS30-MAL61613CDN$49.00
108902Mary Our Lady of Fatima Statue 8 inchS30-MAL61628CDN$64.00
108903Mary Our Lady of Mount Carmel 8 inchS30-MAL61629CDN$49.00
108904Mary Immaculate Heart Statue 8 inchS30-MAL61630CDN$49.00
108914Mary Our Lady of The Miraculous Medal Statue 8 inchS30-MAL61647CDN$49.00
108915Jesus Divine Child Statue 8 inchS30-MAL61657CDN$49.00
108919St. Gabriel Archangel Statue 8 inchS30-MAL61696CDN$49.00
108923St. Joseph Statue 12 inchS30-MAL61703CDN$79.00
108924St. Therese of Lisieux Statue 12 inchS30-MAL61704CDN$79.00
108925St. Francis of Assisi Statue 12 inchS30-MAL61705CDN$79.00
108926Infant of Prague Statue 12 inchS30-MAL61706CDN$94.00
108927Jesus Divine Mercy Statue 12 inchS30-MAL61707CDN$79.00
108928Holy Family Statue 12 inchS30-MAL61708CDN$94.00
108929St. Anthony of Padua Statue 12 inchS30-MAL61709CDN$79.00
108931St. Jude Thaddaeus Statue 12 inchS30-MAL61712CDN$79.00
108932Mary Our Lady of Guadalupe Statue 12 inchS30-MAL61713CDN$94.00
108933Mary Our Lady of Lourdes Statue 12 inchS30-MAL61716CDN$79.00
108937Mary Our Lady of Mount Carmel 12 inchS30-MAL61729CDN$79.00
108938Mary Immaculate Heart Statue 12 inchS30-MAL61730CDN$79.00
108940St. Raphael Archangel Statue 12 inchS30-MAL61739CDN$79.00
108941Mary Our Lady of The Miraculous Medal Statue 12 inchS30-MAL61747CDN$79.00
108942Jesus Divine Child Statue 12 inchS30-MAL61757CDN$94.00
108944Mary Our Lady of Grace Statue 16 inchS30-MAL61801CDN$119.00
108945Jesus Sacred Heart Statue 16 inchS30-MAL61802CDN$119.00
108947St. Francis of Assisi Statue 16 inchS30-MAL61805CDN$119.00
108949St. Anthony of Padua Statue 16 inchS30-MAL61809CDN$119.00
108950St. Jude Thaddaeus Statue 16 inchS30-MAL61812CDN$119.00
108951Mary Our Lady of Guadalupe Statue 16 inchS30-MAL61813CDN$129.00
109034Mary Our Lady of Fatima Statue 21.75"S30-ZAV0419CDN$129.54
109036Mary Our Lady of Fatima Statue 39.5"S30-ZAV0524CDN$479.54
109044Nativity Set with Stable 6 inch Tuscany 9 PiecesS30-MAL62742CDN$174.00
109134Crucifix Standing 14.5" Wood, Brass CorpusS30-ANT109CDN$32.00
109199Crystal Rosary Silver CappedS30-TER670CDN$24.00
109471Nativity Angel Glory 41 inch OUTDOOR or Indoor Ivory (39" Scale)S30-37992CDN$995.00
109472Nativity Angel 8 inch FontaniniS30-43159CDN$117.00
109500Jesus in Gethsemane with Angel Statue 7 inchS30-46687CDN$81.00
109512Nativity Angel Gloria 12 inch FontaniniS30-72917CDN$172.00
109513Nativity Angel Gloria 18 inch FontaniniS30-53717CDN$555.00
109516Nativity Angel Gloria 30 inch OUTDOOR or Indoor Ivory (27" Scale)S30-25043CDN$352.00
109517Nativity Angel Gloria 41 inch Full Colour (39" Scale)S30-35096CDN$1,038.00
109518Nativity Angel Gloria 7.5 inch FontaniniS30-72817CDN$65.00
109534Angel Kneeling 16 inch Outdoor Garden StatueS30-63586CDN$96.00
109551Angel On Pedestal 46.5 inch Outdoor Garden StatueS30-27053CDN$1,400.00
109555Angel Praying 24 inch Outdoor Garden StatueS30-29011CDN$199.00
109556Angel Praying 26 inch Outdoor Garden StatueS30-42513CDN$250.00
109557Angel Praying 36 inch Outdoor Garden StatueS30-42512CDN$628.00
109561Bird Bath, Angel Solar Garden Statue 23 inchS30-47237CDN$379.00
109564Nativity Angel Standing 12 inch FontaniniS30-72919CDN$237.00
109569Angel with Baby 17 inch Outdoor Garden StatueS30-63650CDN$170.00
109574Angel with Children 16 inch Outdoor Garden StatueS30-47625CDN$235.00
109575Angel with Dove 24.5 inch Outdoor Garden StatueS30-63653CDN$227.00
109576Angel with Dove 46.75 inch Outdoor Garden StatueS30-47624CDN$1,300.00
109582Angel with Lion & Lamb Statue 11.5 inchS30-36936CDN$153.00
109587Angel with Wreath 48 inch Outdoor Garden StatueS30-47623CDN$1,059.00
109621Nativity Set 5 inch Birth of Christ FontaniniS30-53513CDN$57.00
109629Nativity Camel 14.5 inch OUTDOOR or Indoor Ivory (27" Scale)S30-36215CDN$198.00
109642Celtic Angel Kneeling 12.25 inch Outdoor Garden StatueS30-62663CDN$80.00
109715Crucifix 40" Wood tone FontaniniS30-13140CDN$1,145.00
109740Nativity Donkey 13 inch OUTDOOR or Indoor Ivory (27" Scale)S30-25044CDN$184.00
109741Nativity Donkey 19 inch Full Colour (39" Scale)S30-34984CDN$599.00
109744Nativity Donkey 19 inch OUTDOOR or Indoor Ivory (39" Scale)S30-38024CDN$568.00
109785Jesus Good Shepherd Statue 36.5"S30-42184CDN$675.00
109788Guardian Angel with Children Solar Garden Statue 20.5 inchS30-47446CDN$320.00