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Product Number Product Name SKU Price  
106379Visor Clip St. FlorianS30-6734VSCDN$28.00
106381Visor Clip St. Francis Of AssisiS30-6736VSCDN$28.00
106393Visor Clip St. JudeS30-6760VSCDN$28.00
106405Visor Clip St. PatrickS30-6784VSCDN$28.00
106407Visor Clip St. PeregrineS30-6788VSCDN$28.00
106411Visor Clip ScapularS30-6798VSCDN$28.00
106415Visor Clip St. TheresaS30-6806VSCDN$28.00
106427Visor Clip St. PioS30-6825VSCDN$28.00
106438Devotional Candle 3-Day Glass Red "Carmelite"S30-301CDN$42.95
106439Devotional Candle 3-Day Glass Blue "Carmelite"S30-302CDN$42.95
106440Devotional Candle 3-Day Glass Green "Carmelite"S30-303CDN$42.95
106441Devotional Candle 3-Day Glass Amber "Carmelite"S30-304CDN$42.95
106442Devotional Candle 3-Day Glass Purple "Carmelite"S30-305CDN$42.95
106443Devotional Candle 3-Day Glass Opal "Carmelite"S30-306CDN$42.95
106444Devotional Candle 3-Day Glass Pink "Carmelite"S30-307CDN$42.95
106445Devotional Candle 3-Day Glass Light Blue "Carmelite"S30-308CDN$42.95
106457Devotional Candle 5-Day Glass BlueS30-502CDN$27.88
106458Devotional Candle 5-Day Glass GreenS30-503CDN$27.88
106459Devotional Candle 5-Day Glass AmberS30-504CDN$27.88
106461Devotional Candle 5-Day Glass OpalS30-506CDN$27.88
106462Devotional Candle 5-Day Glass PinkS30-507CDN$27.88
106463Devotional Candle 5-Day Glass LightS30-508CDN$27.88
106474Advent Candle Set 1.5" Dia 51% BEESWAX (SARUM BLUE/ROSE)S30-82112804CDN$69.93
106475Advent Candle Set 1.5" Dia 51% BEESWAX (BLUE/ROSE)S30-82112904CDN$69.93
106522Advent Candle Set 1.5" Dia PARAFFIN (SARUM BLUE/ROSE)S30-82132804CDN$39.48
106914Advent Candle Set Artisan 51% BEESWAX (BLUE / ROSE)S30-82382628CDN$129.57
106977Baptismal Candles 51% Beeswax 25/CaseS30-84100801CDN$174.72
106979Baptismal Candles Paraffin, Spanish 50/CaseS30-84108901CDN$168.00
107019Candle Adaptor Brass for 40 Hour CandleS30-93544001CDN$20.30
107021SANCTUARY STAND, BRASS 14-DAYS30-93540701CDN$81.55
107022Sanctuary Light Stand, Brass Tulip DesignS30-93540601CDN$176.96
107024Votive / Vigil UTILITY HOLDER - BRASS 15 HRS30-93531001CDN$14.84
107032Altar Candles Red Small Christmas BeeswaxS30-82510424CDN$133.77
107034Altar Candles Red Large Christmas BeeswaxS30-82512506CDN$105.63
107035First Communion Candle Body of ChristS30-84200701CDN$4.27
107106Sanctuary Light Globe, 14 Day Glass Dome RED OR CRYSTALS30-93133001CDN$77.42
107107Bobeche Glass 1" Diameter HoleS30-93171101CDN$9.03
107108Bobeche Glass 1-1/4" Diameter HoleS30-93171401CDN$9.03
107122Sanctuary Light Globe, 7 / 8 Day Glass CylinderS30-93134201CDN$112.84
107176RCIA Candle - Anno DominiS30-84303201CDN$31.36
107178RCIA Candle - The Christian RitesS30-84303001CDN$31.36
107182Sanctuary Light 8 Day, 12% Beeswax (Open Mouth Style)S30-88081012CDN$115.08
107183Sanctuary Light 8 Day, 51% Beeswax (Open Mouth Style)S30-88181012CDN$207.48
107184Sanctuary Light, 8 Day, 51% Beeswax (Bottle Mouth Style)S30-88182012CDN$200.41
107185St. Blase Candle 51% BeeswaxS30-81370101CDN$111.79
107199Votive Light Glasses/Holders, 24 Hour SizeS30-93112012CDN$52.64
107213Votive LighterS30-93701501CDN$7.91
107218Wedding Candle PILLAR CREAM/GOLDS30-84401001CDN$65.80
107219Wedding Candles 2-Piece Side Candles CREAM/GOLDS30-84401101CDN$12.81
107222Wedding Candles 2-Piece Side Candles WHITE/SILVERS30-84401401CDN$12.81
107223Wedding Candles 3-Piece Set WHITE/SILVERS30-84401501CDN$122.43
107252Prayer Card The Lord's Prayer 50/PkgS30-PXRCDN$14.50
107255Prayer Card Morning Offering 50/Pkg SALES30-PZRCDN$14.50 CDN$10.88
107269Prayer Card St. Peter 50/Pkg SALES30-C3TCDN$14.50 CDN$10.88
107332Guest Book Cream LeatheretteS30-GBCREAMCDN$27.95
107333Guest Book Red LeatheretteS30-GBREDCDN$27.95
107334Guest Book Black LeatheretteS30-GBBLACKCDN$27.95
107486Baptismal Bowl with AngelsS30-K341CDN$2,062.50
108541First Communion Attire Boy Bow TieS30-MAL23026CDN$10.95
108553Doll First Communion BrunetteS30-DEV1239BNCDN$42.00
108554Doll First Communion BlondeS30-DEV1239GCDN$42.00
108571Pendant First Communion Necklace Glass & PearlS30-DEV13267CDN$24.00
108576First Communion Lapel Pin Cross PearlS30-MAL34336CDN$15.00
108577First Communion Lapel Pin Pearl HeartS30-MAL34354CDN$10.00
108580Pendant First Communion with Pearl CrossS30-MAL34498CDN$22.95
108604First Communion Attire VeilS30-MAL23995CDN$39.00
108643Crown Holy Spirit SMS30-ARA5070CDN$200.00
108644Crown Holy Spirit MDS30-ARA5075CDN$400.00
108645Crown Holy Spirit LGS30-ARA5088CDN$3,000.00
108647Lapel Pin Santo CristoS30-REL4053CDN$4.50
108648Oxidized Medal St. Aloysius/Pray For UsS30-DEV022ALOCDN$1.25
108652Oxidized Medal St. Carlo Borromeo/Pray For UsS30-DEV022CBOCDN$1.25
108654Oxidized Medal St. Cipriano/Pray For UsS30-DEV022CIPCDN$1.25
108669Oxidized Medal St. Martha/RuegaS30-DEV022MARTCDN$1.25
108670Oxidized Medal St. Mercedes/RuegaS30-DEV022MERCDN$1.25
108673Oxidized Medal St. Providencia/Ruega (See Quantity Discount)S30-DEV022PROCDN$1.25
108674Oxidized Medal St. Raymond/Guardian Angel (See Quantity Discount)S30-DEV022RAGACDN$1.25
108675Oxidized Medal St. Regla/Flowers (See Quantity Discount)S30-DEV022REGCDN$1.25
108682Oxidized Medal St. AnneS30-MAL49005CDN$1.25