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Product Number Product Name SKU Price  
100228All Purpose Certificate 50/box (LIMITED SUPPLIES)S30-XB106CDN$76.95
100246Confirmation Certificate 50/boxS30-XD114CDN$76.95
100247Confirmation Certificate 50/boxS30-PA202CDN$19.00
100323Living Mass Card The Virgin in Prayer 100/box (ONLY 1 BX LEFT)S30-MA210CDN$104.78
100324Certificate Marriage Banner 50/box (SPECIAL ORDER)S30-XC101CDN$76.95
100327Marriage Certificate 50/box (LIMITED SUPPLIES)S30-XS111CDN$76.95
100328Marriage Certificate 50/boxS30-XD111CDN$76.95
100330Marriage Certificate 50/box (LIMITED SUPPLIES)S30-XS101CDN$76.95
100339Reconciliation Certificate 50/boxS30-XB105CDN$76.95 CDN$51.00
100340Reconciliation Certificate 50/box (LIMITED SUPPLIES)S30-XS105CDN$76.95
100376Confirmation Sponsor Folder 100/box (ONLY 2 BOXES LEFT)S30-XB108CDN$123.25 CDN$98.60
100379Baptism Godparent Folder Portrait 100/box (LIMITED SUPPLIES)S30-XF107CDN$132.95 CDN$89.08
100382Confirmation Sponsor Folder Spiritual 100/box (LIMITED SUPPLIES)S30-XS108CDN$69.00
100385Baby Badge 4-Way Medal & Angel WingsS30-3143SS/0735SSCDN$145.00
100401Baby Badge for Godchild Miraculous MedalS30-2342SS/0736SSCDN$145.00
100410Baby Badge Guardian AngelS30-5407GF/0735GFCDN$145.00
100412Baby Badge for Godchild Guardian AngelS30-9118SS/0736SSCDN$145.00
100452Baby Badge CladdaghS30-4113SS/0730SSCDN$145.00
100862Baby Badge St. Michael the ArchangelS30-9076SS/0735SSCDN$145.00
101051Cross RCIA Christian Life 6 inch Antique Gold & BrassS30-4674G/GCDN$67.95
101059Children's Cross Praying Hands 6" Gold & BrassS30-4691G/GCDN$67.95
101063Children's Cross First Communion 6 inch Gold & BrassS30-4695G/GCDN$67.95
101064Children's Cross First Communion 6 inch Gold & SilverS30-4695G/SCDN$67.95
101099Cross Holy Spirit 6 inch Brass & Red EnamelS30-4910G/GCDN$67.95
101107Children's Cross Reconciliation 6 inchS30-4915G/GCDN$67.95
101111Children's Cross First Communion 6 inch Gold & BrassS30-4920G/GCDN$67.95
101124Children's Cross First Communion with Chalice 6 inchS30-4935G/SCDN$67.95
101128Children's Cross Resurrection 6 inch YellowS30-4940G/SCDN$67.95
101135Cross St. Michael the Archangel 6 inch Gold & BrassS30-4945G/GCDN$67.95
101153Cross for Marriage Walnut with Gold Inlay 6 inchS30-5002G/GCDN$97.55
101154Cross for Marriage Walnut with Silver Inlay 6 inchS30-5002G/SCDN$97.55
101205Cross St. Michael the Archangel Walnut/Gold 6"S30-5045G/GCDN$97.55
101251Children's Cross First Communion Boy WalnutS30-5620G/GCDN$97.55
101284Key Chain Mary Our Lady of Perpetual HelpS30-5598SRCSCDN$59.00
101294Key Chain Miraculous MedalS30-5847SRCSCDN$59.00
101300Key Chain Sacred HeartS30-5850SRCSCDN$59.00
101322Key Chain Holy FamilyS30-5862SRCSCDN$59.00
101324Key Chain Lord Is My ShepherdS30-5864SRCSCDN$59.00
101326Key Chain Mary Our Lady of the HighwayS30-5865SRCSCDN$59.00
101332Key Chain Immaculate Heart of MaryS30-5870SRCSCDN$59.00
101336Key Chain Divine MercyS30-5874SRCSCDN$59.00
101362Key Chain St. Michael the Archangel Police BadgeS30-5892SRCSCDN$59.00
101376Key Chain Franciscan CrossS30-6073SRCSCDN$59.00
101404Key Chain St. JudeS30-6760SRCSCDN$59.00
101426Key Chain St. Theresa of LisieuxS30-6806SRCSCDN$59.00
101438Key Chain St. Pio of PietrelcinaS30-6825SRCSCDN$59.00
1014835-Way Catholic Cross Pendant Sterling Silver 1/2 inchS30-0980SS/18SSCDN$139.08
1015295-WAY Catholic Cross Pendant RCIA Sterling Silver 1/2 inchS30-0979SS/18SSCDN$139.08
101673CROSS CELTIC SHAMROCK Pendant 1 inchS30-5693SS/24SCDN$139.08
101690First Communion Pendant 14K Gold Filled 3/8 inchS30-5614GF/18GFCDN$146.40
101693First Communion Pendant Sterling Silver 5/8 inchS30-4248GF/SS/18SSCDN$152.38
101711CLADDAGH Irish Pendant 14K Gold Filled 3/8 inchS30-4113GF/18GFCDN$168.19
101713CLADDAGH Irish Pendant Sterling Silver 3/8 inchS30-4113SS/18SSCDN$137.54
101719CLADDAGH Irish Pendant Sterling Silver 1 inchS30-4160SS/24SCDN$166.55
101766CONFIRMATION Pendant Sterling Silver 1/2"S30-0973SS/18SSCDN$139.08
101798CROSS Pendant ORTHODOX Sterling 3/4 inchS30-0250SS/18SSCDN$132.68
101801CROSS Pendant ORTHODOX Sterling 1-3/8 inchS30-0251SS/24SCDN$134.45
101804CROSS CELTIC KILKLISPEEN Pendant Sterling Silver 1-7/8 inchS30-0253SS/24SCDN$183.81
101811CROSS Pendant ORTHODOX 14K Gold Filled 1-1/4 inchS30-0263GF/18GFCDN$249.00
101856CROSS Pendant Scalloped 14K Gold Filled 7/8 inchS30-0667GF/18GFCDN$180.40
101858CROSS Pendant Scalloped Sterling 7/8 inchS30-0667SS/18SSCDN$139.08
101906CROSS Pendant Engraved Sterling 5/8 inchS30-2519SS/18SSCDN$136.00
101909CROSS Pendant Sterling 5/8 inchS30-2520SS/18SSCDN$136.00
101921CROSS Pendant Etched Sterling 5/8 inchS30-2525SS/18SSCDN$136.00
101951CROSS Pendant Scalloped Sterling 1-1/8 inchS30-5418SS/18SSCDN$132.68
102195CRUCIFIX Pendant Sterling HIS 1-7/8 inchS30-0100SS/24SCDN$178.60
102198CRUCIFIX Pendant Sterling Silver 1-3/4 inchS30-0479SS/24SCDN$164.09
102201CRUCIFIX Pendant Papal Cross Sterling Salve 2 inchS30-0565SS/24SCDN$136.85
102216CRUCIFIX Pendant Sterling Silver 2-1/8 inchS30-0632SS/24SCDN$183.42
102231CRUCIFIX Pendant Sterling 1-5/8 inchS30-0640SS/24SCDN$175.80
102234CRUCIFIX Pendant Sterling 2 inchS30-0641SS/24SCDN$168.40
102240CRUCIFIX Pendant Sterling 1-3/4 inchS30-0643SS/24SCDN$161.62
102243CRUCIFIX Pendant Sterling 1-5/8 inchS30-0644SS/24SCDN$165.32
102264CRUCIFIX Pendant Sterling 2-1/8 inchS30-0654SS/24SCDN$189.98
102291CRUCIFIX Pendant Sterling 1-1/8 inchS30-0664SS/18SSCDN$177.10
102294CRUCIFIX Pendant Sterling 1-5/8 inchS30-0665SS/24SCDN$142.17
102316CRUCIFIX Pendant Gold 1-3/8 inchS30-2186GF/24GCDN$269.00