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Journey of Faith SET for CHILDREN

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 Journey of Faith SET for CHILDREN
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Journey of Faith for Children introduces children to the Catholic faith in a way that's easy for them to understand, using an engaging pastoral approach. Based on the ever-popular and long-running adult Christian initiation program from Liguori Publications, Journey of Faith for Children addresses relevant life issues, faith topics, and questions in a catechetical approach to RCIA.

Children learn at their own pace. They learn by asking questions and by doing. That's why we've combined the lessons with a variety of engaging activities to appeal to a variety of learners in a way that's flexible enough for you to modify to your unique needs. Each lesson also includes a colorful animated drawing and ongoing story that captures children's attention and enables them to see their own faith journey mirrored in the adventures of Mrs. Evans's fictional RCIA class.

The comprehensive Leader Guides gives you everything you need to walk into your RCIA class and start leading--whether you're a veteran RCIA instructor or a first-time volunteer. Additional discussion points prepare you for their responses and keep the conversation going. The contemporary wraparound design enables you to see what the children see so you can spend more time teaching and growing in faith alongside your group.

1. The lessons in Journey of Faith for Children, Inquiry begin with the concept of faith in the Catholic Church and continue the exploration into many topics that are discussed further throughout the program. Some of the concepts include the Trinity, Jesus as fully human and fully divine, an introduction to the Bible, prayer life, the Mass, Church leadership, Mary, and the saints.

2. Journey of Faith for Children, Catechumenate teaches children about the traditions of their Catholic faith in a way that's relevant to where they are in their own lives. The lessons begin with the RCIA process and rites and continue to cover our salvation history, each of the seven sacraments, Church history, the dignity of life, social justice, and moral living.

3. Journey of Faith for Children, Enlightenment guides children through a period of self-reflection and preparation for the sacraments. Children learn about God's mercy and forgiveness, through an introduction to the scrutinies, and be encouraged to participate in the Lenten practices of prayer, fasting, and almsgiving. Children will also participate in a group Lenten retreat, an opportunity for them to spend some quiet time with themselves and God before becoming fully initiated into the Church.

4. Journey of Faith for Children, Mystagogy leads children, now full members of the Church, into full participation with their Church and parish communities. At confirmation, children are given the gift of the Holy Spirit and the mission to evangelize. These mystagogy lessons focus on how to become witnesses for Christ, how to continue their faith formation now that they are fully initiated into the Church, and how to share the joy and enthusiasm they have for the faith with others.

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