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Jacinta Statue (Child, Our Lady of Fatima) 6"

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 Jacinta Statue (Child, Our Lady of Fatima) 6\"
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Price: CDN$8.50
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FRANCISCO MARTO was born on June 11, 1908 to Manuel and Olimpia de Jesus Marto and was the older brother of Jacinta and the first cousin of Lucy dos Santos. He was nine years old at the time of the apparitions. During the appearances of the Angel and of the Blessed Virgin, he saw all, but, unlike his two companions, was not permitted to hear the words which were spoken.

When, in the course of the first apparition, Lucy asked if Francisco would go to Heaven, Our Lady replied: "Yes, he will go there, but he will have to recite the Rosary many times." Knowing that he would soon be called to paradise, Francisco showed little interest in attending classes. Often, when arriving near the school, he would tell Lucy and Jacinta: "You go on. I am going to church to keep company with the hidden Jesus" (an expression which refers to the Blessed Sacrament). Many contemporary witnesses affirm having received gifts of grace, after having asked Francisco to pray for them.

MPN: ANT100551