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The Way of the Cross by Alphonsus Liguori (QTY Discount $1.99)

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 The Way of the Cross by Alphonsus Liguori (QTY Discount $1.99)
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This booklet is a devotion to the Sacred passion of our Lord - The Way of the Cross / Stations of the Cross.

We follow Him from when He was condemned to death to His being laid in the tomb.

For Roman Catholics throughout the world, the Stations of the Cross are synonymous with Lent, Holy Week and, especially, Good Friday. This devotion is also known as the "Way of the Cross", the "Via Crucis", and the "Via Dolorosa." It commemorates 14 key events on day of Christ's crucifixion. The majority concern His final walk through the streets of Jerusalem, carrying the Cross. The Stations originated in medieval Europe when wars prevented Christian pilgrims from visiting the Holy Land. European artists created works depicting scenes of Christ's journey to Calvary. The faithful installed these sculptures or paintings at intervals along a procession route, inside the parish church or outdoors. Performing the devotion meant walking the entire route, stopping to pray at each "station." Today, images of the Stations (or simple crosses representing them) are on display in almost all Catholic churches. They serve mainly as a focus for Lenten worship services. But the Stations can also be performed privately, at any time of the year, even at home. These illustrated meditations on The Way Of The Cross were prayerfully written by St. Francis, founder, mystic, and perhaps the most beloved Catholic saint of all time.

Product Details

Format: Paperback

ISBN: 9780899420141

Pages: 24

Author: Liguori, Alphonsus

Publication Date: 1992-07-01

Language: English


ISBN: 97808994201411