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A Garden Catechism: 100 Plants in Christian Tradition and How to Grow Them

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 A Garden Catechism: 100 Plants in Christian Tradition and How to Grow Them
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A catechism is a way of teaching the Faith that strengthens the bonds of unity in our Church and, according to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, "enlivens the faith of the People of God."

In the same spirit, Master Gardener and certified greenhouse grower Margaret Realy's A Garden Catechism: 100 Plants in Christian Tradition and How to Grow Them will help you create a garden that is more than just a landscape. Filled with an array of plants for all seasons and climates, this beautiful book shows you how to create a faith-based garden that symbolically expresses the teachings of our faith and leads you into prayer.

Presenting accurate plant culture that is easy to understand, aesthetically pleasing, and grounded in Catholic history and tradition, A Garden Catechism is perfect for beginning and experienced gardeners alike. Entries for each plant include:

  • Vintage-style color botanical drawing
  • Symbolism from Christian literature, art, and folklore
  • Horticultural information including each plant's unique characteristics, habitat needs, and attributes (such as fragrance, seasonal color, and butterfly/pollinator attractant)
  • Expert tips for successful growth and care

Plus, you'll find a wealth of useful information about gardening basics, how to craft a prayer garden, and selecting the right plants for your vision and space.

This unique, comprehensive resource combines the heritage of our Faith and the joy of gardening in a way that is accessible to anyone.

Let's get growing!

"A remarkable, one in a million book! Never before have I seen such an exquisite blending of Creator, creation, and creativity in a single volume. A Garden Catechism is a stroke of genius that gives glory to God while educating, inspiring, and entertaining the reader. Even non-gardeners will find this book interesting and spiritually fortifying and I'm betting they will be drawn into the wonders of gardening themselves." --Marge Steinhage Fenelon, award-winning author and internationally known speaker

"Born from a deep font of knowledge and faith, A Garden Catechism is a masterclass on the art of discerning, designing, and developing a garden where you'll find respite, hope, and a fresh way to commune with the Creator. I have always turned to Margaret for her encyclopedic knowledge of plants and have trusted her with my most intimate prayer intentions. I'm delighted to be able to turn the pages of this beautiful tool and to share it with others. A brilliant new pathway to caring for our common home and glorifying God while getting our hands dirty!" -- Lisa M. Hendey, author of I Am Earth's Keeper

"A Garden Catechism is a beautiful work of love created by one who loves our Mother Mary and appreciates greatly how beauty and nature open us to God's presence. I know this book will be a great guide for all who garden to create sacred space, and a wonderful inspiration for many others who will often sit with this book to enter that holy presence with them."--Father James Phalan, C.S.C., National Director of Family Rosary

"Divine, practical, encouraging, and inspiring! What a treasure trove this book is! Margaret Rose Realy has done the exhaustive research and organization, and we reap the benefits. Veteran and novice gardeners, converts and cradle Catholics alike will all find something to love and learn in this gorgeous book."--Danielle Bean, author of Whisper: Finding God in the Everyday

"If you pick this book up and thumb through it you will be immediately 'hooked' and want to own it, and that for good reason. Master Gardener and Benedictine Oblate Margaret Rose Realy has brought all of her extensive knowledge on raising and nurturing the abundant delights of color and scent which grace each season, and married it to her deep study of scripture, Catholic devotionals, saintly hagiographies (and even delightful legend), and brought us a book that is almost impossible to put down. I was happy to discover that the Hosta beside which I pray the rosary in my backyard in summer carries a similar symbolism as the lily, and so goes with the rosary! Coupled with the gorgeously wrought illustrations of Mary Sprague, this book is an informative and entertaining treasure. It will become the classic reference for its topic."-- Elizabeth Scalia, author of Little Sins Mean a Lot: Kicking Our Bad Habits Before They Kick Us (OSV)

"A student of Margaret's through her first two books, A Garden Catechism is the perfect next step for this hopeful neophyte gardener intent on growing in faith while growing a garden. I look forward to the beauty that awaits me, filled with hope and trust in our Lord God and his beautiful creation, and Margaret's sage advice. I feel emboldened to expand my little patch of land with so many of her recommendations!"-- Mar

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Format: Paperback
Pages: 336
Product Weight: 1.78 lbs
Author: Realy Obl Osb, Margaret Rose
Illustrator: Sprague, Mary
Publication Date: 2022-09-23
Language: English
Dewey Decimal Classification: 580.71
Number of Units in Package: 1

ISBN: 9781681925561