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Year of Grace Liturgical Calendar 2024 POSTER - LAMINATED

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 Year of Grace Liturgical Calendar 2024 POSTER - LAMINATED
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Laminated Wall Chart. By Kathy Kuczka

This year’s calendar for 2023 presents the cheerful, colorful art of Catherine Pape. Her illustrations of blessings in Catholic family and community life focus on some of the many blessing practices rooted in tradition and lovingly passed on through generations: the blessing of a home and of an advent wreath, of food at a soup kitchen or at a family table, of children by parents as they depart for the day, and of crops, animals, and farm equipment. All of these scenes depict little celebrations of the ways we are blessed and protected by God. Such blessings keep us mindful of God’s love and guidance, and they model for our children one way that Catholics try to stay open and aware of God’s presence in our ordinary lives.

The Year of Grace 2023 liturgical year follows the Sunday Year A cycle and the Weekday Year I cycle, beginning on November 27, 2022 (First Sunday of Advent) and ending on Saturday, December 3, 2023. LTP’s circular display of the liturgical year makes its key features easily understandable. We can see at a glance the liturgical seasons in their characteristic colors, Sundays on the outer rim, and the days and weeks radiating from the center.

Laminated poster, 66 x 66 cm

2024 Annual Publication

Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops


ISBN: 9781616717131