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Francis of Assisi, Movement Maker: The Unconventional Leadership of a Simple Saint

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 Francis of Assisi, Movement Maker: The Unconventional Leadership of a Simple Saint
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St. Francis of Assisi and the Franciscan Movement breathed new life into the church in his day and in the centuries since. Yet his movement soon split into clashing branches. What went wrong? Looking at Francis differently--as organizer, not just saint--opens new windows of understanding. This book examines the way Francis put together his movement. The ways he did and did not lead. It shows why the Lesser Brothers multiplied so quickly, crossing multiple cultural barriers, on into Asia, Africa, and the Americas. It also highlights their conflicts and why they fragmented. It is impossible to understand the Franciscan movement however without understanding Francis himself. So the book begins with Francis's life, conversion, mission, and also his health issues, highlighting aspects of the story not typically found in most Francis's biographies. It identifies aspects of the story that illuminate movement dynamics. This atypical approach offers insights for today's church, its role in culture, and the stewardship and healing of the earth.

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Format: Paperback
Pages: 392
Product Weight: 1.23 lbs
Author: Snyder, Howard
Publication Date: 2024-05-15
Language: English
Series: American Society of Missiology
Publisher: ORBIS BOOKS
Dewey Decimal Classification: B
Number of Units in Package: 1

ISBN: 9781626985742