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Product Number Product Name SKU Price  
106443Devotional Candle 3-Day Glass Opal "Carmelite" (QTY DISCOUNT)S30-306CDN$69.00
106444Devotional Candle 3-Day Glass Pink "Carmelite" (QTY DISCOUNT)S30-307CDN$69.00
106445Devotional Candle 3-Day Glass Light Blue "Carmelite" (QTY DISCOUNT)S30-308CDN$69.00
106458Devotional Candle 5-Day Glass GREEN (QTY DISCOUNT)S30-503CDN$42.95
106459Devotional Candle 5-Day Glass Amber (QTY DISCOUNT)S30-504CDN$42.95
106474Advent Candle Set 1.5" x 12" 51% BEESWAX (SARUM BLUE/ROSE)S30-82112804CDN$84.91
106476Advent Candle Set 1.5" x 16" 51% BEESWAX (PURPLE/ROSE)S30-82116004CDN$118.93
106480Advent Candle Set 1.5" x 16" 51% BEESWAX (SARUM BLUE/ROSE)S30-82116804CDN$118.93
106499Advent Candle Set 3" x 12" PARAFFIN (SARUM BLUE/ROSE)S30-82332804CDN$119.28
106522Advent Candle Set 1.5" x 12" PARAFFIN (SARUM BLUE/ROSE)S30-82132804CDN$48.30
106524Advent Candle Set 1.5" x 16" PARAFFIN (PURPLE/ ROSE)S30-82136004CDN$77.35
106528Advent Candle Set 1.5" x 16" PARAFFIN (SARUM BLUE/ROSE)S30-82136804CDN$77.35
106914Advent Candle Set Artisan 51% BEESWAX (BLUE / ROSE)S30-82382628CDN$155.75
107019Candle Adaptor Brass for 40 Hour CandleS30-93544001CDN$21.00
107021SANCTUARY STAND, BRASS 14-DAYS30-93540701CDN$137.41
107022Sanctuary Light Stand, Brass Tulip DesignS30-93540601CDN$247.73
107032Altar Candles Red Small Christmas BeeswaxS30-82510424CDN$162.40
107034Altar Candles Red Large Christmas BeeswaxS30-82512506CDN$128.17
107106Sanctuary Light Globe, 14 Day Glass Dome RED or CRYSTALS30-93133001CDN$83.09
107107Bobeche Glass 1" Diameter HoleS30-93171101CDN$10.43
107108Bobeche Glass 1-1/4" Diameter HoleS30-93171401CDN$10.43
107176RCIA Candle - Anno DominiS30-84303201CDN$41.23
107178RCIA Candle - The Christian RitesS30-84303001CDN$41.23
107185St. Blase Candle 51% BeeswaxS30-81370101CDN$134.12
107199Votive Light Glasses/Holders, 24 Hour SizeS30-93112012CDN$56.49
107218Wedding Candle Gold Accent PillarS30-84401001CDN$82.25
107219Wedding Candles 2-Piece Gold Accent Side CandlesS30-84401101CDN$15.40
107222Wedding Candles 2-Piece Silver Accent Side CandlesS30-84401401CDN$15.40
107255Prayer Card Morning Offering 50/Pkg (LIMITED STOCK)S30-PZRCDN$16.95
107332Guest Book Cream LeatheretteS30-GBCREAMCDN$49.00
107333Guest Book Red LeatheretteS30-GBREDCDN$49.00
107334Guest Book Black LeatheretteS30-GBBLACKCDN$49.00
107486Baptismal Bowl with AngelsS30-K341CDN$2,917.50
108699Medal Oxidized St. Martin de Porres 12/PKG (QTY Discount .90 ea) LIMITED SUPPLIESS30-MAL49022CDN$18.00
109785Jesus Good Shepherd Statue 36.5"S30-42184CDN$1,209.00
109798Bracelet His Story Memorial BEST SELLERS30-62345CDN$29.41
109920Mary & Child Statue 40 inch FontaniniS30-43017CDN$4,559.00
109925Mary Praying Statue 37.5 inchS30-27017CDN$1,209.00
110059Mary Our Lady of Grace Statue 40 inchS30-62419CDN$1,209.00
110070Nativity Ox 13 inch OUTDOOR or Indoor Ivory (27" Scale)S30-27021CDN$369.00
110126Nativity Shepherd 24 inch OUTDOOR or Indoor Ivory 2 Pieces (27" Scale)S30-25045CDN$415.00
110135St. Anthony Statue 37 inchS30-41396CDN$1,209.00
110145St. Florian Statue 9 inch (LIMITED STOCK)S30-45876CDN$45.00 CDN$22.50
110149St. Francis Statue 36.5 inchS30-42164CDN$1,209.00
110153St. Francis with Deer Statue Outdoor Garden 36.5 inchS30-42345CDN$1,209.00
110160St. Joseph Statue 36 inchS30-46692CDN$1,209.00
110169St. Patrick Statue 10.5 inch (LIMITED STOCK)S30-40724CDN$95.00
110310Nativity Guardian Angle Statue Outdoor Garden 20 inchS30-HF7262CDN$230.40
110460Jesus with Children Statue Outdoor Garden 34 inchS30-F8525CDN$2,160.00
110462St. Joseph and Child Statue Outdoor Garden 55 inchS30-F7723CDN$3,600.00
110507Mary Our Lady of Fatima Statue 69 inchS30-F7737CDN$3,000.00
110515Mary Queen of Heaven Statue Outdoor Garden 42 inchS30-F9571CDN$1,260.00
110568Jesus Sacred Heart Statue Outdoor Garden 49 inchS30-F6624CDN$1,620.00
110586Angel Set Kneeling Statues Outdoor Garden 39 inchS30-F7307SCDN$2,850.00
110595St. Anthony with Child Statue Outdoor Garden 24 inchS30-F8342CDN$234.00
110596St. Anthony with Child Statue Outdoor Garden 25 inchS30-F8347CDN$270.00
110625St. Gabriel the Archangel Statue Outdoor Garden 58 inchS30-F9376CDN$3,240.00
110643St. Joseph from Mont Statue Outdoor Garden 43 inchS30-F8375CDN$864.00
110656St. Raphael the Archangel Statue Outdoor Garden 58 inchS30-F9375CDN$3,240.00
110657St. Rose Statue Outdoor Garden 53 inchS30-F7214CDN$2,160.00
110658St. Rose Statue Outdoor Garden 54 inchS30-F7684CDN$1,800.00
110659St. Teresa Of Avila Statue Outdoor Garden 40 inchS30-F8465CDN$1,296.00
110661St. Therese with Roses 60 inchS30-F7573CDN$2,340.00
110662St. Therese with Roses 60 inchS30-F7573RLCCDN$4,680.00
110695Good News Presentation Bible with Deuterocanonical BooksS30-9780888341709CDN$26.95
110732Youth at Worship - A Preparation GuideS30-182-360CDN$9.95
110737Celebrations of Installation and RecognitionS30-182-377CDN$59.95
110742Sunday Celebration of the Word and Hours, Pastoral Notes CSL Number 6 CANADIANS30-182-456RCDN$6.95
110743Ritual and Pastoral Notes Large Edition Sunday Celebration of the Word and Hours CANADIANS30-182-505RCDN$53.95
110744National Bulletin on Liturgy No. 180 - Index (1965-2004)S30-182-580RCDN$15.00
110748Directoire pour le ministère pastoral des évêquesS30-184-462RCDN$29.95
110750Compendium de la doctrine sociale de l'ÉgliseS30-184-468CDN$29.95
110756Le Sacrement de la RéconciliationS30-184-624CDN$3.95
110757Sacrament of Reconciliation CANADIAN (QTY Discount $3.50)S30-184-625CDN$3.95
110758Exhortation apostolique post-synodale - Sacramentum CaritatisS30-184-626CDN$9.95
110763Spe Salvi : Sur l'espérance chrétienneS30-184-689CDN$6.95
110764On Christian Hope, Spe Salvi EncyclicalS30-184-690CDN$6.95
110765Lexique des termes ambigus et controversés sur la famille, la vie et les questions éthiquesS30-184-691CDN$125.00
110767Que vient ajouter le marriage à votre amour?S30-184-696CDN$14.95
110768What Does Marriage Add to Your Love?S30-184-697CDN$14.95