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The Oxford Illustrated History of the Bible

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 The Oxford Illustrated History of the Bible
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This richly illustrated history of the Bible's origins shows how the Bible has been interpreted over the past two millennia. An international team of 17 renowned biblical scholars presents this authoritative account. 24 color plates. 159 b&w illustrations.

Here is the story of a book--the Bible--a book like no other, which has been in continuous use for nearly 2000 years. In this new Oxford history, a distinguished team of scholars presents an authoritative account of that story, richly illustrated, and based on the latest research.
Readers will learn how a collection of writings in Semitic languages and in Greek--writings that we now call the Books of the Bible--developed over a period of about 800 years and how, even before the Bible existed as one volume, its constituent parts were interpreted and subjected to a scrutiny that no other writing has had to endure. The contributors trace the routes by which the canon of Scripture was determined, shedding light on the many controversies over which writings should be regarded as authoritative and which should be considered Apocrypha and hidden from public use. They describe how over centuries the writings were copied, translated, and printed, and how they were interpreted in Judaism and in the churches in the East and West. It concludes with surveys of how the Bible is used today in feminist criticism, and in the movements for theological liberation in Latin America, Africa, and Europe. The volume also features an index and a guide to further reading.
Written by an international team of 17 renowned biblical scholars, and handsomely illustrated with over 150 black-and-white illustrations and 24 pages of color plates, The Oxford Illustrated History of the Bible is an essential resource for everyone interested in the origin and interpretation of the Word of God.

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Format: Hardcover
Pages: 416
Product Weight: 2.66 lbs
Editor: Rogerson, John
Publication Date: 2001-07-19
Language: English
Series: Oxford Illustrated History
Dewey Decimal Classification: 220.09
Number of Units in Package: 1
Binding Material: Cloth

ISBN: 9780198601180