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Young's Literal Translation of the Bible-OE

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 Young\'s Literal Translation of the Bible-OE
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Robert Young's 1898 edition of his translation. This is the third and last edition that he produced. Translation uses the same Elizabethian language that the King James Version uses. However, being a strictly literal translation, the word order is different from the KJV, so it does read different than the KJV and can be difficult at times to read. Being a strictly literal translation makes it the perfect study tool. You can now see exactly what God said and how He said it. There is no changing of words, no softening of words or passages, just translated strictly as it was written in the original languages. Text is done in 9 point print, which is larger and easier to read than the print sizes used in the past by other publishers. This translation will allow the reader to see exactly what God said and will allow a more precise study of the Bible. How can a reader study a Bible when the translators have have interpreted instead of translated? The vast number of modern translation interpret (tell you what they thought God meant) instead of translate (tell you what God actually said). When Robert Young translated this edition, he was not trying to please or appease someone, he was not trying to be politically correct, he was not translating in an attempt to rewrite the Bible to fit his theological beliefs. With this Bible, you get the word of God and nothing but the word of God.

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Format: Paperback
Pages: 608
Product Weight: 2.90 lbs
Translator: Young, Robert
Publication Date: 2004-10-01
Language: English
Number of Units in Package: 1
Binding Material: Paper
Bible Portion: Complete Without Apocrypha
Bible Type: General Use
Bible Version: Other English
Print Size: Normal

ISBN: 9780965307833