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The Word of Yah

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 The Word of Yah
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"This is the first translation of the New Testament in English History based upon the newly discovered ROS Aramaic Hebrew texts. These texts date around 70 AD, 130 years earlier than P-45, P-46 and P-72, the next earliest large Greek texts of the New Testament. Bible scholars have long suspected the New Testament original manuscripts were written in Aramaic Hebrew, the language of the ChristUW and His disciples and then translated into Greek years later. The ROS manuscripts prove this conclusively. Hebrew phrases, original words abound and clarify hundreds of questions about the Messiah's original teachings in this first edition translation. It corrects 95-99% of the Greek manuscripts errors Over 70 scholars from 12 countries have labored 8 years in it's making."

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Format: Hardcover
Pages: 548
Product Weight: 2.14 lbs
Author: Bethyah, Raphah
Editor: Bethyah, Raphah
Publication Date: 2000-11-13
Language: English
Publisher: KJPHOUSE
Number of Units in Package: 1
Binding Material: Cloth

ISBN: 9781616620004