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Bible Animated Classics: David And Goliath DVD

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 Bible Animated Classics: David And Goliath DVD
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Price: CDN$22.00
Product ID: 869789

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A story about courage, obedience, and determination

One of the most famous stories in the Bible comes to life in this incredible tale of courage, faith and daring. David, a young shepherd boy who likes poetry and music, seems an unlikely candidate to save his nation from ruin. But when nine-foot Goliath defies Israel and blasphemes God, young David leaps into action, earning his place as one of the greatest heroes in the Bible. This dramatic story will transport you to the battlefield as you watch God at work through a humble boy.

Produced and directed by Richard Rich former Walt Disney Productions director

Languages: English

Product Release Date: Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Length/Run Time: 45 minutes

Directed By: Richard Rich

UPC/ISBN Number: 728338600357

MPN: 9781564894069-SM

ISBN: 9781564894069