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Human Becoming in an Age of Science, Technology, and Faith

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 Human Becoming in an Age of Science, Technology, and Faith
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What does it mean to be human in an age of science, technology, and faith? The ability to ask such a question suggests at least a partial answer, in that however we describe ourselves we bear a major role in determining what we will become. In this book, Philip Hefner reminds us that this inescapable condition is the challenge and opportunity of Homo sapiens as the created co-creator. In four original chapters and an epilogue, Hefner frames the created co-creator as a memoirist with an ambiguous legacy, explores some of the roots of this ambiguity, emphasizes the importance of answering this ambiguity with symbols that can interpret it in wholesome ways, proposes a partial theological framework for co-creating such symbols, and applies this framework to the challenge of using technology like artificial intelligence and robotics to create other co-creators in our own image. Editors Jason P. Roberts and Mladen Turk have compiled eight responses to Hefner's work to honor his scholarly career and answer his call to help co-create a more wholesome future in an age of science, technology, and faith.

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Format: Hardcover
Pages: 246
Product Weight: 1.17 lbs
Author: Hefner, Philip
Editor: Roberts, Jason P.
Editor: Turk, Mladen
Publication Date: 2022-09-01
Language: English
Dewey Decimal Classification: 233
Number of Units in Package: 1

ISBN: 9781978708372