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Product Number Product Name SKU Price  
102757CROSS Jerusalem Cross Pendant Gold Filled 3/8"S30-4118GF/18GFCDN$91.91
102758CROSS Jerusalem Cross Pendant 14KT 3/4"S30-4118KTCDN$271.84
102759CROSS Jerusalem Cross Pendant Sterling 3/8"S30-4118SS/18SSCDN$83.05
102766CROSS Pendant JESUS CHRISTUS Gold Filled 1-3/8 inchS30-6034GF/24GCDN$123.14
102767CROSS Pendant JESUS CHRISTUS 14KT 1-3/8 inchS30-6034KTCDN$1,236.25
102768CROSS Pendant JESUS CHRISTUS Sterling 1-3/8 inchS30-6034SS/24SCDN$94.71
102769Holy Family Pendant Gold Filled 1-1/8 inchS30-1485GF/18GFCDN$130.13
102770Holy Family Pendant 14KT 1-1/8 inchS30-1485KTCDN$1,096.41
102771Holy Family Pendant Sterling 1-1/8 inchS30-1485SS/18SSCDN$105.43
102778JOY Pendant Gold Filled 3/8 inchS30-5918GF/18GFCDN$106.36
102779JOY Pendant 14KT 3/8 inchS30-5918KTCDN$637.28
102780JOY Pendant Sterling 3/8 inchS30-5918SS/18SSCDN$90.98
102781CROSS CELTIC KILKLISPEEN Pendant Gold Filled 1-3/8 inchS30-0242GF/18GFCDN$145.52
102782CROSS CELTIC KILKLISPEEN Pendant 14KT 1-3/8 inchS30-0242KTCDN$1,239.98
102783CROSS CELTIC KILKLISPEEN Pendant Sterling Silver 1-3/8 inchS30-0242SS/18SSCDN$118.48
102786CROSS Pendant KNURLED Sterling 1-7/8 inchS30-2325YSS/24SCDN$144.58
102787CROSS Pendant KNURLED Sterling 2 inchS30-2325SS/24SCDN$144.58
102793CROSS Pendant LIGHT & LIFE Gold Filled 1-1/8 inchS30-6074GF/18GFCDN$161.36
102794CROSS Pendant LIGHT & LIFE 14KT 1-1/8 inchS30-6074KTCDN$1,650.17
102795CROSS Pendant LIGHT & LIFE Sterling 1-1/8 inchS30-6074SS/18SSCDN$125.94
102831Mary MADONNA AND CHILD Pendant Sterling 3/4 inchS30-3000GF/18GFCDN$141.79
102832Mary MADONNA AND CHILD Pendant Sterling 5/8 inchS30-5447SS/18SSCDN$99.84
102833Mary MADONNA AND CHILD Pendant Gold Filled 1 inchS30-5939GF/18GFCDN$112.42
102834Mary MADONNA AND CHILD Pendant 14KT 1 inchS30-5939KTCDN$729.10
102835Mary MADONNA AND CHILD Pendant Sterling 1 inchS30-5939SS/18SSCDN$94.71
102836Mary MADONNA of the STREET Pendant Gold Filled 7/8 inchS30-4124GF/18GFCDN$141.79
102838Mary MADONNA of the STREET Pendant Sterling 7/8 inchS30-4124SS/18SSCDN$112.42
102839CROSS Pendant MALTESE Gold Filled 7/8 inchS30-1870GF/18GFCDN$92.84
102841CROSS Pendant MALTESE Sterling 7/8 inchS30-1870SS/18SSCDN$82.12
102842CROSS Pendant MALTESE Gold Filled 3/4 inchS30-1872GF/18GFCDN$86.78
102844CROSS Pendant MALTESE Gold Filled 1-1/2 inchS30-1872SS/18SSCDN$78.39
102849ST. FAUSTINA Medal Pendant Gold FilledS30-0822mGF/18GFCDN$127.34
102850ST. FAUSTINA Medal Pendant 14KTS30-0822mKTCDN$1,004.12
102851ST. FAUSTINA Medal Pendant Sterling SilverS30-0822mSS/18SSCDN$103.56
102863CROSS Pendant MARIONITE Gold Filled 1-1/2 inchS30-0064GF/24GCDN$132.00
102864CROSS Pendant MARIONITE 14KT 1-1/2 inchS30-0064KTCDN$1,420.37
102865CROSS Pendant MARIONITE Sterling 1-1/2 inchS30-0064SS/24SCDN$99.84
102869Mary Immaculate Heart Pendant Gold Filled 1 inchS30-5625GF/24GCDN$183.74
102870Mary Immaculate Heart Pendant 14KTS30-5625KTCDN$2,476.61
102871Mary Immaculate Heart Pendant Sterling 1 inchS30-5625SS/24SCDN$132.00
102873Mary Our Lady of Sorrows Pendant Sterling Silver 3/4 inchS30-8290SS/18SSCDN$105.43
102874Mary Our Lady of Sorrows Pendant Gold Filled 1/2 inchS30-9290GF/18GFCDN$98.90
102875Mary Our Lady of Sorrows Pendant 14KTS30-9290KTCDN$453.16
102876Mary Our Lady of Sorrows Pendant Sterling Silver 1/2 inchS30-9290SS/18SSCDN$85.85
102877MATRIMONY Pendant Gold FilledS30-0969GF/18GFCDN$95.64
102878MATRIMONY Pendant 14KTS30-0969KTCDN$407.01
102879MATRIMONY Pendant Sterling SilverS30-0969SS/18SSCDN$83.99
102880MARY OUR LADY OF MEDJUGORJE Pendant Sterling Silver 1-3/8 inchS30-5679ESS/24SCDN$167.42
102881MENORAH / STAR / FISH Pendant Gold FilledS30-0061GF/18GFCDN$94.71
102882MENORAH / STAR / FISH Pendant 14KTS30-0061KTCDN$317.05
102883MENORAH / STAR / FISH Pendant Sterling SilverS30-0061SS/18SSCDN$83.99
102896Mary Miraculous Pendant Gold Filled 7/8 inchS30-0017MGF/24GCDN$155.30
102898Mary Miraculous Pendant Sterling 7/8 inchS30-0017MSS/24SCDN$114.29
102899Mary Miraculous Pendant Gold Filled 1-3/8 inchS30-0203MGF/24GCDN$344.55
102901Mary Miraculous Pendant Sterling 1-3/8 inchS30-0203MSS/24SCDN$233.61
102903Mary Miraculous Pendant Sterling 1/4 inchS30-0205PKSS/18SSCDN$78.39
102904Mary Miraculous Pendant Two-Tone 1/4 inchS30-0205PKSSG/18GFCDN$86.78
102905Mary Miraculous Pendant Gold Filled 3/8 inchS30-0205PLGF/18GFCDN$83.05
102907Mary Miraculous Pendant Sterling 3/8 inchS30-0205PLSS/18SSCDN$74.20
102921Mary Miraculous Medal/Heart Pendant Sterling 1/4 inchS30-0217BSS/18SSCDN$81.19
102922Mary Miraculous Medal/ Heart Pendant Gold Filled 1/4 inchS30-0217BSSG/18GFCDN$88.18
102923Mary Miraculous Medal Pink Heart Pendant Gold FilledS30-0217PGF/18GFCDN$84.92
102925Mary Miraculous Medal Pink Heart Pendant Sterling SilverS30-0217PSS/18SSCDN$81.19
102929Mary Miraculous Pendant Gold Filled 3/8 inchS30-0453GF/24GCDN$189.80
102931Mary Miraculous Pendant Sterling 1- 3/8 inchS30-0453SS/24SCDN$135.73
102932Mary Miraculous Pendant Gold Filled 5/8 inchS30-0601MGF/18GFCDN$106.36
102934Mary Miraculous Pendant Sterling 5/8 inchS30-0601MSS/18SSCDN$90.98
102997Mary MIRACULOUS Medal Heart Pendant Gold Filled 1 inchS30-3301GF/18GFCDN$187.00
102998Mary MIRACULOUS Medal Heart Pendant 14K 1 inchS30-3301KTCDN$2,111.16
102999Mary MIRACULOUS Medal Heart Pendant Sterling Silver 1 inchS30-3301SS/18SSCDN$142.72
103000Mary MIRACULOUS Medal Heart Pendant Gold Filled 5/8 inchS30-3401GF/18GFCDN$117.55
103001Mary MIRACULOUS Medal Heart Pendant 14KT 5/8 inchS30-3401KTCDN$732.83
103002Mary MIRACULOUS Medal Heart Pendant Sterling Silver 5/8 inchS30-3401SS/18SSCDN$99.84
103003MIZ PAH Pendant Gold Filled 1 inchS30-2012GF/18GFCDN$233.61
103004MIZ PAH Pendant 14KT I inchS30-2012KTCDN$3,006.12
103005MIZ PAH Pendant Sterling Silver 1 inchS30-2012SS/18SSCDN$174.88
103006CRUCIFIX Pendant Gold Filled MODERN 3/4 inchS30-4135GF/18GFCDN$121.28
103007CRUCIFIX Pendant MODERN CROSS 14KT 3/4 inchS30-4135KTCDN$913.22
103008CRUCIFIX Pendant Sterling MODERN 3/4 inchS30-4135SS/18SSCDN$99.84
103009MONSTRANCE Pendant Gold Filled 1 inchS30-5945GF/18GFCDN$101.70