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Product Number Product Name SKU Price  
103011MONSTRANCE Pendant Sterling Silver 1 inchS30-5945SS/18SSCDN$88.18
103015CROSS Pendant MOSAIC Gold Filled 1-3/8 inchS30-6031GF/24GCDN$117.55
103016CROSS Pendant MOSAIC 14KT 1-3/8 inchS30-6031KTCDN$1,143.96
103017CROSS Pendant MOSAIC Sterling 1-3/8 inchS30-6031SS/24SCDN$90.98
103020CROSS Pendant MOSAIC Sterling 1-5/8 inchS30-6032SS/24SCDN$99.84
103021Mary MOTHER of GOD Pendant Gold Filled 1-1/8 inchS30-0267GF/24GCDN$167.42
103022Mary MOTHER of GOD Pendant 14 KT 1-1/8 inchS30-0267KTCDN$2,199.26
103023Mary MOTHER of GOD Pendant Sterling 1-1/8 inchS30-0267SS/24SCDN$121.28
1030254-WAY Catholic Medal Pendant 14KT 1-1/4 inchS30-5702KTCDN$2,339.57
103027MUSTARD SEED Pendant Gold Filled 5/8 inchS30-1700GF/18GFCDN$96.57
103028MUSTARD SEED Pendant Sterling Silver 5/8 inchS30-1700SS/18SSCDN$86.78
103038CROSS Pendant NAIL Gold Filled 3/4 inchS30-0012GF/18GFCDN$104.50
103040CROSS Pendant NAIL Sterling 3/4 inchS30-0012SS/18SSCDN$93.78
103041CROSS Pendant NAIL Gold Filled 1-1/8 inchS30-0013GF/18GFCDN$121.28
103064NOAH Pendant Sterling Silver 3/4 inchS30-4274SS/18SSCDN$112.42
103065Mary Miraculous Medal NOVENA Pendant Gold Filled 7/8 inchS30-0021GF/18GFCDN$124.07
103066Mary Miraculous Medal NOVENA Pendant 14KT 7/8 inchS30-0021KTCDN$959.37
103067Mary Miraculous Medal NOVENA Pendant Sterling Silver 7/8 inchS30-0021SS/18SSCDN$101.70
103084Mary Our Lady of CZESTOCHOWA Pendant Sterling Silver 1 inchS30-6094SS/18SSCDN$128.27
103085Mary Our Lady of CZESTOCHOWA Pendant Gold Filled 1-1/8 inS30-6095GF/24GCDN$173.95
103086Mary Our Lady of CZESTOCHOWA Pendant 14KTS30-6095KTCDN$2,205.32
103087Mary Our Lady of CZESTOCHOWA Pendant Sterling Silver 1-1/8 inchS30-6095SS/24SCDN$128.27
103091Mary Our Lady of FATIMA Pendant Gold FilledS30-5931GF/18GFCDN$130.13
103092Mary Our Lady of FATIMA Pendant 14KTS30-5931KTCDN$1,096.41
103093Mary Our Lady of FATIMA Pendant Sterling SilverS30-5931SS/18SSCDN$105.43
103117St. Francis Medal Pendant Gold FilledS30-0301FGF/18GFCDN$95.64
103146Mary Our Lady Undoer of Knots Pendant Sterling Silver 3/4 inchS30-8383SS/18SSCDN$105.43
103147Mary Our Lady Undoer of Knots Pendant Gold Filled 1/2 inchS30-9383GF/18GFCDN$98.90
103148Mary Our Lady Undoer of Knots Pendant, 14KTS30-9383KTCDN$453.16
103149Mary Our Lady Undoer of Knots Pendant Sterling Silver 1/2 inchS30-9383SS/18SSCDN$85.85
103150Mary Our Lady of LA SALETTE Pendant Gold FilledS30-0601LGF/18GFCDN$106.36
103152Mary Our Lady of LA SALETTE Pendant Sterling SilverS30-0601LSS/18SSCDN$90.98
103173Mary Our Lady of MEDJUGORJE Pendant Gold Filled 7/8 inchS30-5678GF/18GFCDN$124.07
103174Mary Our Lady of MEDJUGORJE Pendant 14KT 7/8 inchS30-5678KTCDN$959.37
103175MARY OUR LADY OF MEDJUGORJE Pendant Sterling Silver7/8 inchS30-5678SS/18SSCDN$101.70
103179Mary Our Lady of MENTAL PEACE Pendant Gold FilledS30-4162GF/24GCDN$180.94
103180Mary Our Lady of MENTAL PEACE Pendant 14KTS30-4162KTCDN$2,430.46
103181Mary Our Lady of MENTAL PEACE Pendant Sterling SilverS30-4162SS/24SCDN$131.07
103186Mary Our Lady of MOUNT CARMEL Pendant Gold FilledS30-1656GF/24GCDN$229.88
103187Mary Our Lady of MOUNT CARMEL Pendant 14KTS30-1656KTCDN$3,395.34
103188Mary Our Lady of MOUNT CARMEL Pendant Sterling SilverS30-1656SS/24SCDN$161.36
103226Mary Our Lady of PROMPT SUCCOR Pendant Sterling SilverS30-8299SS/18SSCDN$105.43
103227Mary Our Lady of PROMPT SUCCOR Pendant Gold FilledS30-9299GF/18GFCDN$99.84
103228Mary Our Lady of PROMPT SUCCOR Pendant 14KTS30-9299KTCDN$453.16
103235Mary Our Lady of TEARS Pendant Gold FilledS30-9346GF/18GFCDN$98.90
103241Mary Our Lady STAR of the SEA PendantS30-4232GF/24GCDN$183.74
103246Jesus Pendant OUR FATHER Gold Filled 1-1/8 inchS30-4216GF/24GCDN$161.36
103247Jesus Pendant OUR FATHER 14KT 1-1/8 inchS30-4216KTCDN$2,017.47
103248Jesus Pendant OUR FATHER Sterling Silver 1-1/8 inchS30-4216SS/24SCDN$118.48
103253CRUCIFIX Pendant PAPAL CROSS 14KT 7/8 inchS30-0563KTCDN$223.82
103254CRUCIFIX Pendant PAPAL CROSS Sterling 7/8 inchS30-0563SS/18SSCDN$78.39
103256CRUCIFIX Pendant PAPAL CROSS 14KT 1-3/8 inchS30-0564KTCDN$544.98
103257CRUCIFIX Pendant PAPAL CROSS Sterling Silver 1-3/8 inchS30-0564SS/24SCDN$70.47
103276POPE JOHN PAUL II Pendant Gold Filled 1-1/4 inchS30-3003GF/24GCDN$271.84
103278POPE JOHN PAUL II Pendant Sterling Silver 1-1/4 inchS30-3003SS/24SCDN$188.87
103295POPE JOHN PAUL II Pendant 14KT 3/4 inchS30-1003KTCDN$1,556.48
103297POPE JOHN PAUL II Pendant Gold Filled 1 inchS30-1013GF/24GCDN$183.74
103299POPE JOHN PAUL II Pendant Sterling Silver 1 inchS30-1013SS/24SCDN$132.00
103303POPE PIUS X Pendant Gold Filled 3/4 inchS30-0885GF/18GFCDN$144.58
103305POPE PIUS X Pendant Sterling Silver 3/4 inchS30-0885SS/18SSCDN$114.29
103306POPE SAINT EUGENE Pendant Sterling Silver 3/4 inchS30-8352SS/18SSCDN$105.43
103310Praying Boy Pendant Sterling Silver 3/4 inchS30-4263SS/18SSCDN$85.85
103311Praying Girl Pendant Gold Filled 5/8 inchS30-4262GF/18GFCDN$95.64
103315PRAYING HANDS Pendant Gold Filled 3/8 inchS30-0220GF/18GFCDN$92.84
103317PRAYING HANDS Pendant Sterling Silver 3/8 inchS30-0220SS/18SSCDN$82.12
103324CRUCIFIX Pendant PRIMITIVE Gold Filled 1-1/8 inchS30-0661GF/18GFCDN$138.99
103325CRUCIFIX Pendant PRIMITIVE STYLE 14KTS30-0661KTCDN$1,013.91
103326CRUCIFIX Pendant PRIMITIVE Sterling 1-1/8 inchS30-0661SS/18SSCDN$115.22
103327RCIA Pendant Gold Filled 7/8 inchS30-5929GF/18GFCDN$127.34
103328RCIA Pendant 14KT 7/8 inchS30-5929KTCDN$1,004.12
103329RCIA Pendant Sterling Silver 7/8 inchS30-5929SS/18SSCDN$103.56
103333RECOVERY Pendant Gold Filled 3/4 inchS30-6088GF/18GFCDN$144.58
103336ROSE Pendant Gold Filled 1/2 inchS30-0204GF/18GFCDN$86.78
103337ROSE Pendant 14KT 1/2 inchS30-0204KTCDN$223.82
103338ROSE Pendant Sterling Silver 1/2 inchS30-0204SS/18SSCDN$78.39
103339Mary Our Lady ROSEBUD Pendant Gold Filled 3/4 inchS30-0202GF/18GFCDN$210.31
103341Mary Our Lady ROSEBUD Pendant Sterling Silver 3/4 inchS30-0202SS/18SSCDN$179.08
103342CROSS Pendant RUSSIAN Sterling 7/8 inchS30-0272ESS/18SSCDN$90.05
103343CROSS Pendant RUSSIAN 14KT 1-1/8 inchS30-0273KTCDN$913.22
103344CROSS Pendant RUSSIAN Sterling 1-1/8 inchS30-0273SS/18SSCDN$99.84