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Product Number Product Name SKU Price  
104317St. Francis Medal Pendant Gold FilledS30-4084GF/24GCDN$191.66
104319St. Francis Medal Pendant Sterling SilverS30-4084SS/24SCDN$138.99
104320St. Francis Medal Pendant Gold FilledS30-5905GF/18GFCDN$106.36
104334St. Francis of Assisi Medal Pendant Sterling SilverS30-0101SS/24SCDN$107.76
104335St. Francis of Assisi Medal Pendant Gold FilledS30-3989GF/18GFCDN$125.01
104337St. Francis of Assisi Medal Pendant Sterling SilverS30-3989SS/18SSCDN$105.43
104354St. Gabriel of the Blessed Virgin Medal Pendant Gold FilledS30-1363GF/18GFCDN$144.58
104355St. Gabriel of the Blessed Virgin Medal Pendant 14KTS30-1363KTCDN$1,372.36
104356St. Gabriel of the Blessed Virgin Medal Pendant Sterling SilverS30-1363SS/18SSCDN$114.29
104384St. Gerard of Majella Medal Pendant Gold FilledS30-0601GGF/18GFCDN$106.36
104386St. Gerard Majella Medal Pendant Sterling SilverS30-0701GSS/24SCDN$106.36
104389St. Gerard Majella Medal Pendant Sterling SilverS30-0801GSS/24SCDN$102.63
104406St. Gianna Medal Pendant Sterling SilverS30-8322SS/18SSCDN$105.43
104407St. Giles Medal Pendant Sterling SilverS30-8349SS/18SSCDN$105.43
104416St. Hannibal Medal, Sterling SilverS30-8327SS/18SSCDN$105.43
104611St. John Neumann Medal Pendant Gold FilledS30-4230GF/24GCDN$178.14
104612St. John Neumann Medal Pendant 14KTS30-4230KTCDN$2,339.57
104613St. John Neumann Medal Pendant Sterling SilverS30-4230SS/24SCDN$129.20
104659St. John the Baptist Medal Pendant Gold FilledS30-4229GF/18GFCDN$150.64
104660St. John the Baptist Medal Pendant 14KTS30-4229KTCDN$1,510.33
104661St. John the Baptist Medal Pendant Sterling SilverS30-4229SS/18SSCDN$118.48
104671St. John the Evangelist Medal Pendant Gold FilledS30-4231GF/18GFCDN$153.44
104672St. John the Evangelist Medal Pendant 14KTS30-4231KTCDN$1,556.48
104673St. John the Evangelist Medal Pendant Sterling SilverS30-4231SS/18SSCDN$120.34
104674St. John Vianney Medal Pendant Gold FilledS30-2278GF/18GFCDN$144.58
104675St. John Vianney Medal Pendant 14KTS30-2278KTCDN$1,372.36
104676St. John Vianney Medal Pendant Sterling SilverS30-2278SS/18SSCDN$114.29
104733St. Joseph Medal Pendant Sterling SilverS30-4140SS/18SSCDN$120.34
104742St. Joseph Medal Pendant Sterling SilverS30-5406SS/18SSCDN$83.05
104745St. Joseph Medal Pendant Sterling SilverS30-5937SS/18SSCDN$90.98
104779St. Joseph of Cupertino Medal Pendant Gold FilledS30-6057GF/24GCDN$448.03
104780St. Joseph of Cupertino Medal Pendant 14KTS30-6057KTCDN$7,672.04
104781St. Joseph of Cupertino Medal Pendant Sterling SilverS30-6057SS/24SCDN$298.40
104839St. Jude Medal Pendant Gold FilledS30-0601JGF/18GFCDN$106.36
104868St. Jude Medal Pendant Sterling SilverS30-4128SS/18SSCDN$97.97
104875St. Jude Medal Pendant Gold FilledS30-5404GF/18GFCDN$91.91
104877St. Jude Medal Pendant Sterling SilverS30-5404SS/18SSCDN$83.05
104880St. Jude Medal Pendant Sterling SilverS30-5651SS/18SSCDN$93.78
104881St. Jude Medal Pendant Gold FilledS30-5934GF/18GFCDN$109.62
104883St. Jude Medal Pendant Sterling SilverS30-5934SS/18SSCDN$92.84
105082ST. LOUISE Medal Pendant Gold FilledS30-1159GF/24GCDN$198.65
105085ST. LOUISE Medal Pendant 14KTS30-1160GF/18GFCDN$135.73
105087ST. LOUISE Medal Pendant Sterling SilverS30-1160SS/18SSCDN$109.62
105106ST. LUCY Medal Pendant Gold FilledS30-5435GF/18GFCDN$140.85
105107ST. LUCY Medal Pendant 14KTS30-5435KTCDN$1,236.25
105108ST. LUCY Medal Pendant Sterling SilverS30-5435SS/18SSCDN$113.35
105198ST. MARIA GORETTI Medal Pendant Gold FilledS30-0804QGF/18GFCDN$130.13
105199ST. MARIA GORETTI Medal Pendant 14KTS30-0804QKTCDN$1,096.41
105200ST. MARIA GORETTI Medal Pendant Sterling SilverS30-0804QSS/18SSCDN$105.43
105240ST. MARTIN de PORRES Medal Pendant Gold FilledS30-1196GF/24GCDN$195.86
105241ST. MARTIN de PORRES Medal Pendant 14KTS30-1196KTCDN$2,706.41
105242ST. MARTIN de PORRES Medal Pendant Sterling SilverS30-1196SS/24SCDN$139.92
105279ST. MATTHEW Medal Pendant Gold FilledS30-4210GF/18GFCDN$115.22
105280ST. MATTHEW Medal Pendant 14KTS30-4210KTCDN$775.25
105281ST. MATTHEW Medal Pendant Sterling SilverS30-4210SS/18SSCDN$96.57
105328ST. MICHAEL the ARCHANGEL PendantS30-0201RGF/24GCDN$504.00
105346ST. MICHAEL the ARCHANGEL PendantS30-0840GF/24GCDN$259.00
105347ST. MICHAEL the ARCHANGEL PendantS30-0840KTCDN$2,474.28
105348ST. MICHAEL the ARCHANGEL PendantS30-0840SS/24SCDN$119.00
105355ST. MICHAEL the ARCHANGEL PendantS30-3987GF/18GFCDN$170.00
105356ST. MICHAEL the ARCHANGEL PendantS30-3987KTCDN$873.14
105361ST. MICHAEL the ARCHANGEL PendantS30-4057GF/18GFCDN$148.78
105362ST. MICHAEL the ARCHANGEL PendantS30-4057KTCDN$1,332.27
105373ST. MICHAEL the ARCHANGEL PendantS30-5448GF/24GCDN$219.16
105379ST. MICHAEL the ARCHANGEL PendantS30-5692GF/18GFCDN$135.73
105380ST. MICHAEL the ARCHANGEL PendantS30-5692KTCDN$1,188.24
105381ST. MICHAEL the ARCHANGEL PendantS30-5692SS/18SSCDN$109.62
105383ST. MICHAEL the ARCHANGEL PendantS30-5694KTCDN$2,706.41
105384ST. MICHAEL the ARCHANGEL PendantS30-5694SS/24SCDN$139.92
105388ST. MICHAEL the ARCHANGEL PendantS30-5696GF/24GCDN$178.14
105389ST. MICHAEL the ARCHANGEL PendantS30-5696KTCDN$2,339.57
105390ST. MICHAEL the ARCHANGEL PendantS30-5696SS/24SCDN$129.20
105391ST. MICHAEL the ARCHANGEL PendantS30-5697GF/18GFCDN$134.79
105392ST. MICHAEL the ARCHANGEL PendantS30-5697KTCDN$1,143.96
105393ST. MICHAEL the ARCHANGEL PendantS30-5697SS/18SSCDN$109.62
105395ST. MICHAEL the ARCHANGEL PendantS30-5699KTCDN$682.96
105396ST. MICHAEL the ARCHANGEL PendantS30-5699SS/18SSCDN$92.84
105424ST. NICHOLAS PendantS30-4244GF/18GFCDN$141.79
105425ST. NICHOLAS PendantS30-4244KTCDN$1,326.21
105426ST. NICHOLAS PendantS30-4244SS/18SSCDN$112.42